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About Me

Janene Rothwell, Photographer, is owning her life and following her passion for color, life, art and friendships.  Here's a bit of nonsense about me:


Jesus, her daughters and their families, Jr. Mints, cool fonts, friends, Hallmark movies and commercials, flowers, babies, guacamole, walks, old barns, garage sales, fortune cookies and mail deliveries.


The smell of skunks, lies, losing my car keys and bleu cheese.

Greatest Photography Moments

My good friend Susan's reunion with her birth mother and the birth of my grandson. And there was that awkward teenager who thought she was ugly -- until she saw her pictures.

Secret Failure

In my Zumba class, I have discovered that it is impossible for my body to Twerk anything. 


PBJ Studio is a 1930s gas station that served as a soda shop in the 1950s.  Located at the top edge of downtown, it hums with history.  Often, long-time Eudora residents love to stop by and just say hello to the old place.  The two-bay garage has been turned into a studio.  Part of the space is storage for my prop addiction problem (think anything vintage:  pedal cars, wooden Fisher Price toys, cameras, clothing, hats, fabrics, etc).