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Fairy Day

I love Fairy Tales. 

As a child, I would hang out in the children’s fiction section of the city library and read all the Fairy Tales I could get my hands on.  My two sisters who shared a room with me, wouldn’t let me go to sleep until I’d invented another chapter in the Fairy Tale series that starred three princesses and the nightly perils they faced. 

Now that I’m an adult and running a serious business, I considered getting my head out of the clouds and focusing on some serious, grown-up photography.  Then I saw a photographer from Canada doing Fairy portraits and my heart soared.  I knew with complete certainty that I could fly as a Fairy Photographer!! 

Check out our Fairy Day Video on YouTube: Click here for Fairy Day Video 

When we purchased the studio, I knew that I wanted Fairy Day to be more than just another mini session.  I converted the space into a wonderland where they smell fairies, eat fairy food and listen to fairy music.  No matter how nervous they are when they enter, there is a sparkle of wonder in each costumed fairy’s eye when she first sees herself in the full-length mirror.  It’s that sparkle that says she believes she is beautiful and that she is invincible.  In that moment, I know that I’ve succeeded and everything that follows will be magical.

Fairy Days are held at PBJ Studio in Eudora three times a year:  March, July and November.  Reservations are flying off at an astounding rate.  We are fully booked a month in advance.  

Sweet Acres Inn Bed & Breakfast is offering a special rate for fairy families staying overnight in their beautiful, vintage home.  Rooms range from $69-$119 and include breakfast.

Some of my most magical fairy moments:

  • I was putting on the fairy’s wings, a brother told his sister to wait to fly until we were done taking pictures.
  • We were done with the portraits.  I leaned down to this little fairy and said, “I’m so glad you came to see us so you could be a fairy.”  She haughtily put her fists on her hips, stuck out her bottom lip and said, “I am a fairy!”
  • A mom shared during the sales meeting that her daughter was scrambling around the house pulling together several items and taking them to her room.  When Mom went to check, her daughter had a mirror on the floor and was lining up her dolls so they could put on felt wings she’d made and take their fairy pictures.  “Now lean over the mushroom and pretend to take a nap!” she was heard commanding.
  • A grandmother told me that the fairy’s mom burst into tears in the car after seeing her daughter’s images.  It meant the world to her to see her daughter so happy.

Come join us with your little fairy and see what all the fuss is about.  You won't be disappointed.