Big Decisions are Made in the Little Ones
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Thursday, August 11, 2016
By PBJ Studio
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Big decisions are made in the little ones.

This is a truth that has really struck home in the past week.  

Here is a photo that was taken at a garage sale of a clock I was considering to buy.  I love the 1950’s atomic era décor.  It was authentic, it worked, it was $10.  I had $15 and had just started my search for treasures that day.  I imagined a crazy, creative photography studio where it would hang center stage as a reminder of what I wanted to become.  The garage sale host saw that I was wavering and had me sit down to take a cell phone pic to seal the deal.  I bought it and put it in the bottom of the closet where it rested for a couple years.  I’d pull it out every so often, plug it in and wonder if it would fit somewhere in my home office.  It never did, but I couldn’t let it go.

Guess where it hangs today?  Right there next to the big screen where I show clients their portraits!

Buying the clock was just one of a thousand little decisions that brought PBJ Studio into existence. 

Some of those little (or BIG in looking back) decisions:

  •          Do I save up for that lens or do I put it on the credit card?
  •          Do I edit those photos and get them ready a day sooner or do I watch that television show?
  •          Do I increase my prices and risk losing some of my clients or do I put in more hours to meet my growing expenses?
  •          Do I spend the time and money to attend that conference or learn from that teacher?
  •          Do I try to meet the photography needs of everyone or do I focus in on a narrow market and be the best I can be?
  •          Do I post that feeling online or is that a private thought that needs to be mulled over a bit before release?
  •          Am I available to hang out with my grandchildren today or do I need to keep my office hours and get the despised bookkeeping in order?
  •          Do I need to hire an assistant or do I just need to work harder and quit complaining?

Each daily decision I made, brought me closer to the reality of having my own sustainable business. 

But having a photography studio isn’t my only life goal.  There is the balance of body, mind, spirit and soul to consider.  I have to stop and re-evaluate every so often. 

Here are my recent life-after-50 goals:

  •          be at home in my own skin
  •          be present in each moment and not just planning (my fav pastime) or reminiscing
  •          surround myself with people who love me
  •          play in the dirt with plants
  •          see new places
  •          enjoy nature
  •          make people smile and shed a few tears over what I create
  •          write stories and publish
  •          find ways to feed my creativity and push self-imposed boundaries to see what I am capable of doing in the time and space I’ve been given

As my life goals, these need to be worked out to become a daily reality.  I won't be able to address each one every single day, but in bits and pieces, with a solid plan in mind, I can eventually build them in by the little choices I make.

Three more Truths:

  •          Nothing ever stays the same. 
  •          Balance is essential. 
  •          If there is not maintenance or attention given to an area of my life, a weakness will develop which puts added pressure on another area. 

Here are a few of my current weaknesses I’ve identified:

BODY:  Do I want to have a strong, healthy body? 

Well, I need to make that decision in the snack I choose when I’m on the run between meetings.  Maybe I could do a little food prep on Sundays so it’s ready ahead of time.  Maybe I could add the Zumba classes to my calendar and schedule meetings around them. 

SPIRIT: Do I have a faith that is ready for anything life hurls at me? 

I could find an online Bible study that I listen to in the morning as I am getting ready for the day or food prepping.  (I found this link to some amazing women who share their Biblical lessons learned:  I could also save some Bible verses into my phone that I could memorize.  I learned quite a few Bible verse songs as a child. Maybe I could sing them when I am driving.  I could talk about them when I am chatting with friends or family. 

MIND:  Do I invest the time to learn so that I can hone my craft (be it photography, writing, gardening, etc.)

Here’s a thought:  I could set learning goals.  Hmmmmm.  Wasn’t there that movie where a mom learned to surf?  I don’t need to learn to surf living in Kansas, but I could learn to Salsa which would be fun and strengthen my body too.  I could add training videos to my calendar like I do business meetings so could improve my photography, editing sales and business skills.  I could be become a Business Ninja!

SOUL: Do I take the time to celebrate?

There is much to celebrate: victories, awards, opportunities, special moments, goals reached.  I need to make this a priority so I stay encouraged and motivated to look to the next challenge as a potential victory.  I can choose to celebrate mowing the lawn at the studio I dreamed for years of having – even when I don’t enjoy mowing (not even a little bit).

Here’s an oldie, but goodie:

Count your blessings, name them one by one!
Count your blessings, see what God has done!
Count your blessings
Name them one by one!
Count your many blessings, see what God has done!

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