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Thursday, March 26, 2015
By Janene
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This blog post will set the clock on publicly beginning my journey into a world filled with laughing children, crying babies, and crazy prop finds.

PBJ Studio Magnolia Blossoms

First stop, two Name Change Announcements!  

Top Spot Photography is now PBJ Studio.  I won't immediately be killing off Top Spot Photography, but it will slowly fade away so I don't confuse anyone. The reason behind the decision has to do with where I'm focusing my future. I love working with children. I love retro 1950s (turquoise, coral, gray branding). It is the acronym for Photography by Janene (PBJ). Most of all, it makes me happy.

The other name change announcement is even closer to my heart:  my name is now Janene Rothwell. It was my name for the first 19 years of my life and I am happy to return to it. I'm still 9 years old in my heart so that is a great place to go. I Googled and found a form for brides to keep track of all the places where they need to register their new names.  It really isn't fair that guys never have to go through this mountain of paperwork.  When I consider how long things last on the internet [FOREVER], I will need to include Top Spot Photography and Janene Snyder on every search engine SEO that I use. If you don't understand that, you are in a wonderful place where butterflies land on your nose and it smells like warm cinnamon rolls (I used to live there 50 lbs. ago).

I will be photographing baby bumps, newborns, toddlers, children, seniors and families. I am contracted with Amanda's Dance Academy (The beauty of the dancers takes my breath away). Life Events such as birthdays, anniversaries, adoptions, personal celebrations, etc. are also on my radar. Weddings/Engagement sessions will not be on my PBJ plate.   

Construction: Last week, I had the awning installed. *happy dance* On Monday, the concrete guys will install the porch with rails and a ramp for the west door. I listened to you and will find a sign installer. FYI: It won't say Top Spot.

Internet: New website is running which will soon have a splash page where you can head to the STUDIO side, the BABY side or the BLOG side. If you type the Top Spot URL it just rolls over to the PBJ one. I told someone recently that my mind is doing the work of a trapeze artist, but sadly, I don't get to burn the calories!  To find the awesome new site, go to:

The magnolias trees are blooming out front which gives my heart wings and fills me with hope for a warmer day soon. Have a great day my sweets!